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Compilation Instructions

This project currently can only be built with Visual Studio 2012. Other compilers and versions are in the todo list for later versions.


1) Boost - This should work on most current releases of Boost with 1.49 being the one currently being compiled against. The specific facilities that this project uses haven't changed in a while.

2) Boost Extension - This is a project that implements some very useful baseline extensibility api's. If you aren't sure about NEF, I would recommend looking into this library as an alternative. Documentation can be found here. Extract the "extension" directory into your "boost" header folder under your root boost directory.


BOOST_DIR - This is an environment variable that you need to define which points to your root boost directory.


There are 2 places where examples exist that you can learn about the system (while documentation is being built). You can check out the sample, which is in the "demo" solution to see a myriad of ways that nef can be used, or you can check out the unit tests, which detail a short list of functionalities for the system.

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